John Stronnar

John Stronnar founded TekNet Solutions Limited in 1998 and has successfully grown the company with the support of his team to over 300+ clients. John has travel the word helping companies both small and large providing IT consultancy with a specialty in network design, integration of legacy systems and security,

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Michael White

Matthew White

Matthew White has held senior IT leadership roles as Lead Enterprise Architect and as Consultant to some of the largest companies in the world. During his 21 year career he has served the Banking, Pharmaceutical, Government and Retail sectors leading large scale transformation and migration projects.

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Michael Drury

Michael Drury, with his firm understanding and expanded knowledge of IT systems, has sucessfully designed and sourced materials for a variety of IT solutions for; SMEs, Enterprise, government and charitable institutions. His ability to translate technical jargon to laymen terms has been described by clients as second to none.

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