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When it comes to protecting your computer or entire network, you can rely on us.
TekNet offer an extensive level of knowledge in this area and we are delighted to work in partnership with Network Associates Inc., the globally renowned AntiVirus and Intrusion Prevention specialists.

Whether you are looking at protecting just 1 PC, your business network of PCs or the entire system itself, we are able to assist you in analyzing the weak points in your current defences and the implement your chosen solution.

The story does not end there however, TekNet will actively monitor and inspect your configuration during the course of your relationship with us, and we will constantly look to improve you defences, as and when new security threats are discovered.

VirusScan ASaP Managed Security
for Small & Medium Business
Protection against viruses and malicious code for desktops and servers, updated and managed 24/7 by McAfee.

IntruShield 4000 IPS Appliance
for Enterprise
Next-generation intrusion prevention delivers the most comprehensive and accurate protection against known, zero-day, and DoS attacks.