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TekNet offers an extensive array of support and maintenance contracts to ensure that our clients always receive the support requirements that accurately reflect their specific organisations requirements.

Fixed Contract
An annually charged fixed cost service encompassing units under a 4 hour and 8 hour arrangement. This service provides the highest level of service offered by TekNet and provides our clients with the pinnacle of technical support. Customers entering into this contract will be entitled to the highest priority of response rates, access to our technical arena and be able to log calls with our helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.

Customers of Fixed contract services are also able to benefit from quarterly or half yearly maintenance visits for proactive servicing of their equipment.

Hours Purchase Contract
TekNet offer an exceptionally simple hours purchase arrangement, where clients can make an advance purchase or hours at a rate significantly below our time and materials rates. When you make a support request, these hours or half hourly increments thereof are deducted from the pool of existing hours, until they are exhausted.

Customers are able to exhaust the available number of hours on any given project requiring labour, including new installations as well as corrective or remedial work. Customers who have build up a history of trading with TekNet will be allowed to exceed the number of hours remaining in their pool & be invoiced for the additional ones used at the same rates as if they had been purchased in the pool.

Hours are purchased in increments of 10’s or 20’s and are subject to the prices shown in our pricing schedule, a copy of which can be seen by clicking here.

Proactive Scheme
Our proactive maintenance scheme can be optionally combined with either our hours purchase scheme or the fully maintained scheme and is paid for annually in advance, normally at the start of the contract term.

Our proactive visit scheme has proven to reduce the number of reactive visits required by clients and will significantly reduce the amount of downtime on our client’s sites. During the proactive visit, we will monitor antivirus software coverage and updates, tackle annoyances or software anomalies and perform general routine housekeeping activities on personal computers and servers

Proactive maintenance visits can be scheduled in monthly, quarterly or 6th monthly visits.

Backup Monitoring
All clients who subscribe to any TekNet maintenance scheme and have compatible software can request to have their backup software monitored. The backup monitoring will be in the form of a daily email message from your server to our helpdesk service, where we can ensure that the backup is successful. If there are any more than two consecutive failures, a call will be automatically scheduled for analysis by our engineers, for corrective action.

This service is invaluable in ensuring that your daily backups work on a consistent basis, and assist you with business continuity should any disaster befall your organisation.

This service is provided without charge provided you are a current maintenance holder of any of the schemes.

Time & Materials
TekNet offer a time and materials based service, where clients can take advantage of our technical skills in determining faults, providing corrective action or in a consultancy or network design capacity.

All hours are charged for at our published non-contract holder rates, a copy of which is available online by clicking here.

Parts replaced during any corrective action are returned to the client, alongside any unit.

Donated or Disposal Equipment
Occasionally, TekNet will receive equipment from clients who have recently upgraded their equipment and wish us to dispose of the older units. All units disposed of in this manner are disposed of in the following manners;

Components – these items are generally housed in our engineering department and occasionally they may be offered to clients in the repair of any older equipment. Should a client receive a repair, where the part has be sourced from this stock, we do not charge the client for this part and inform them that the part is not new.

Hard Disks – Hard disks that are damaged or are beyond economical repair will be incinerated in our disposal facilities. TekNet can provide you with a disposal certificate if you request one, prior to the components destruction.

Working Units – Personal Computers that are working units, but have been replaced by clients for performance reasons only will have their hard disks wiped and the original operating system reloaded from scratch. These units will then be offered to any of the numerous charities supported by TekNet. If you wish to be a future recipient of any of the units, please contact Becky, who will be pleased to retain your details for future consideration.

* subject to web based services and/or SMS web logging, terms and conditions apply