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In logging a call, you should use one of the available methods and provide all of the information requested in our guide “how to log a call”. Your call will be assessed by a helpdesk operator, who will assign it a priority and communicate this to you at either the point of contact or at a later stage.

After your call has received a priority you will be provided with a response time in accordance with your individual client maintenance holder contract. If you logged your call via the web site, a summary of the response times is included at the top of the client login form.

Regular and Irregular Time & Materials Clients will not receive a specific response time and will be dealt with only on an “available timeslot” basis.

Calls logged via any of the available methods will be dealt with in rotation based upon the time the call was logged, the response contact terms, the severity of the call and the ability to contact the person logging the call. For illustrative purposes the following representation will be used in allocating all priorities together with the table below.

The illustration below is for guidance purposes only, however each call will be independently assessed by a helpdesk operator and prioritised accordingly.

Major faults are determined to be faults that affect the clients’ ability to continue business or those affecting more than five users within the client’s premises.
Standard faults are determined to be faults that materially affect one to five users and their ability to work.
Low Priority faults are those determined to be niggles or intermittent annoyances experienced by users.

Calls logged from non-maintenance clients may be subject to change based upon the number of calls outstanding for maintenance contract holders. All calls attract a charge assessed against the contract, Hours Purchase scheme or are invoiced, we do not operate a no-fix, no-charge policy. A list of our charges can be viewed online by clicking here.