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IT Services Rugby

TekNet offer complete IT Services In Rugby and Computer Service contracts to ensure all our IT Service clients requirements are accurately reflected in our high level of service.

Rugby IT Services

An annually charged fixed cost Rugby IT service encompassing units under a 4 hour and 8 hour arrangement. This ITservice in Rugby provides the highest level of service offered by TekNet and provides our clients with the pinnacle of IT Services. Customers entering into this contract will be entitled to the highest priority of response rates, access to our technical arena and be able to log calls with our helpdesk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.

Hours Purchase Contract
TekNet IT Services offer an exceptionally simple hours purchase arrangement in Rugby, where clients can make an advance purchase or hours at a rate significantly below our time and materials rates. When you make a IT Service request, these hours or half hourly increments thereof are deducted from the pool of existing hours, until they are exhausted.

Proactive Scheme
Our proactive IT Service maintenance In Rugby scheme can be optionally combined with either our hours purchase scheme or the fully maintained IT Services in Rugby scheme and is paid for annually in advance, normally at the start of the contract term.

Backup Monitoring
All clients who subscribe to any TekNet IT Service maintenance scheme and have compatible software can request to have their backup software monitored. The backup monitoring will be in the form of a daily email message from your server to our helpdesk service, where we can ensure that the backup is successful. If there are any more than two consecutive failures, a call will be automatically scheduled for analysis by our engineers, for corrective action.

Time & Materials
TekNet offer a time and materials based service, where clients can take advantage of our technical skills in determining faults, providing corrective action or in a consultancy or network design capacity.

Donated or Disposal Equipment
Occasionally, TekNet will receive equipment from IT Services in Rugby clients who have recently upgraded their equipment and wish us to dispose of the older units. All units disposed of in this manner are disposed of in the following manners;