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In order to resolve client’s problems as expediently as possible, it is important to ensure that the maximum amount of information is provided to the helpdesk representative. When logging a call you will be asked for your name and company details, a contact telephone number and/or email address. You will be asked about the item of equipment you are experiencing a problem with, the nature of that problem and how/when the problem first appeared. Additional information regarding serial numbers or purchase history may also be required.

When an helpdesk representative or engineer calls to attempt initial resolution to your call, you may be required to gain access to the piece of equipment you are experiencing technical difficulties with and be prepared to talk though the exact circumstances of the problem and to determine if others in your organisation are experiencing similar difficulties (in the event of shared equipment faults).

If you will be unavailable for a period of time after contacting the helpdesk you should include this information in the details of the call, including (where appropriate and alternative contact person and contact details). A helpdesk representative or engineer will only attempt to contact you three times before the call will be automatically closed.

Tickets resolved to maintenance holders on the telephone will not attract any charge, unless the call is for a significant period of time and you are under an hours purchase agreement, upon which a deduction to your account will be made. Tickets resolved to non maintenance holders will attract a nominal charge commensurate with our pricing structure, a copy of which is available here.